Friday, March 30, 2012

The Versatile Blogger - Last, but not Least!

This will be my third and final post in my "paying forward", as I accept the Versatile Blogger Award.

Time to at last wrap up this award claiming process, and to pass along the wealth to five more deserving  blogs.....

Solid Happiness

A Writer's Universe

Tau Zero

Kary's Nightmare Fuel

                                                                          A Garden of Delights

Here are the rules for the winners (I didn't make these up, although I chose to follow them), and I am not in the business of enforcing).  Take them, leave them, parse them up, whatever you please! =)

The three random facts for this round are:
  • My favorite time of days is 3:33 - whether am or pm, I love those three threes, all in a row.
  • I love the scent of jasmine.
  • I am excellent at pulling ticks -  a handy trait in a rural, pet- harboring, outside-oriented, family.
And, with that, I have completed my obligation to pay this award forward.

I extend a fond and sincere thanks to all the blogs I have selected - you make my life richer! =)

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