Thursday, March 29, 2012

Unschooing Interview #1 - Jeremiah Burton, age 10

His self-researched and purchased Nintendo 3DS.
Jeremiah's Unschooling Interview, Session#1  

This interview was conducted over the course of an afternoon, in January, 2012.  Jeremiah was 10 years old at the time of this interview.  I composed the questions, and offered him the opportunity to add some of his own.  He declined because he couldn't think of any good ones at the time.

What can you tell us about yourself?

I'm a gamer. I love Pokemon and basically everything that's a video game. I want more games, and more friends I can access through my 3DS. And one more thing I'd like to add: I treat life, as if basically a video game. Sometimes, I try to decide stuff, so, I kinda think, “If this were a video game, what would be the best choice?” Video games help me decide.
Cookie art with friends, December 2011.

Other than gaming, what kinds of things do you enjoy doing and learning about?
TV. Electronics and computers. I like to play Boom! Back to Your Base* with my cousin and sister. Now that I think about it, Cam and I really need to get new guns. Make to sure to add. toy guns. How to eat weird stuff. I meant to say how to eat different cultural food - now that's a completely different story. I like learning how stuff works,. That's really what I meant by the electronics thing previously.

Beautiful Boy, Spring 2011, age 9.5 years.e\

What do you think your life needs more of?

It needs more -well, it could use a little more budget for some of the things we really need - including a plunger. Umm, it needs a bit more - well, I'd like if we could live where it smelled a bit better, like a scented candle here or there......oh, wait, we have those!  I'll go light them right now – oh wait, next question please.

What do you really love about your life right now?
I like that I have such a nice mom, dad, sister, and cousins, and that I have such a comfortable Snuggie that my mom gave me. That we have personal size pizzas I can make easily and overstuffed ravioli. Some games, just some.

What I mean is, what do you think makes your life happier than it would be if you were in school, based on what you see and hear from your schooled friends/cousins?
DSi love. 
No bedtimes. No bedtimes helps because in the night sometimes I can do things I couldn't do in the day, such as playing outside in the dark, using a flashlight and having it work; and last but not least and best, at night, everything looks just so calm, peaceful, and nice, especially out in nature, just like it's supposed to be.

*Boom! Back to You Base! was invented a few years ago by a younger Jeremiah, his even younger sister, Annalise, and slightly older cousin, Cameron.

Jeremiah, age 10, December,2011.

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