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Jeremiah's Third Quarter Report 2011 -2012

Jeremiah Burton - Age 10 , Grade 5; 3rd Quarter Report 2011-12

English Language Arts -
Reading -
  • Jeremiah continued to enjoy reading for information and pleasure.
  •  He conducted a wide range of personal research, via online and print sources.  
  • He enjoyed reading aloud to Annalise and non-reading friends.
  • Researched the cost and availability of various items – a Wii, Wii accessories, Nintendo 3DS battery, games.
  • Independent research in other areas - using Gamecube games with Wii, cheat codes for gaming (which he printed and used to make two books); online games, etc.
  • Jeremiah received Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw as a gift. He read it in less than a day, and recounted parts of the story during reading breaks.
  • Jeremiah enjoyed reading the Inventing section of National Geographic Kids, Zoobooks, books from the Goosebumps and Pokemon series, Nintendo Power; and the manuals for the Wii and his 3DS.
  • His reading continues to be fluent, and his comprehension and ability to utilize what he learns through reading in his day-to-day life excellent.
  • Jeremiah reads at an adult or near-adult level, although often preferring subject matter more in keeping with his developmental age and interests.

Writing/Spelling Jeremiah continued to improve his writing and spelling skills through real-life experiences such as:
  • note writing
  • game play
  • online chatting
  • individualized spelling bees with words selected by himself and Mom
  • self-created spelling lists
  • internet searches and navigation
  • filling out forms
  • creating games
  • adding text to his original animations
  • playing Banangrams both physically and online
  • creating a blog
  • various other methods, generally utilitarian or entertainment related in nature

Jeremiah improved and deepened his writing skills through a diverse range of activities, including:
  • Creating board and card games
  • Creating a personal blog
  • Online chatting with friends
  • Writing notes, cards, stories, and other text for personal purposes
  • Creating a written language of his own
  • Filling out forms
  • Attempting cursive handwriting - he is not satisfied with the results, thus far
  • Writing for online navigation and research purposes.
  • Throughout the quarter, he continued to seek out information on proper spelling of an increasing number of words.
  • His spelling abilities continued to become stronger and to encompass a wider array of words useful to him in his daily life.

English Language UsageJeremiah continues to expand his vocabulary through :
  • reading,
  • conversation with a diverse group of people of all ages,
  • listening to radio broadcasts,
  • writing,
  • His conversation and wordplay became more mature during this quarter. He especially enjoyed creating metaphors.

Resources may include, but are not limited to: Wide access to printed and online reading materials; television and radio programming: online and board games: exposure to a wide range of written and spoken English; reference materials;family conversation; parent facilitators.

Jeremiah continued to evolve his practical and theoretical mathematical skills and comprehension throughout this quarter, in a variety of ways, including:
  • Much more exploration of the four basic mathematical operations. His ability to multiply became much more consistent throughout the quarter.
  • Jeremiah explored measurements of distance; volume; dimension; and weight throughout the quarter.
  • Jeremiah used fractions and measurements while baking.
  • Jeremiah became more proficient at making change and budgeting throughout this quarter.
  • He expanded his practical mathematical skills through games such as Treasure Mathstorm, Battleship; Zoo Tycoon:and Stratego; Life; Monopoly; and Sorry!. as well as during the invention of Pokemon-style card games of his own.
  • Jeremiah researched chose a Wii priced within the budget allotted.
  • We discussed Roman numerals.

Resources may include but are not limited to: Real-life experiences involving measuring, cooking, budgeting, and other daily mathematics; online gaming; television programming; family discussions; reference tools and materials; parent facilitators.


Jeremiah continued to explore and expand his passion for technology in several ways throughout this quarter, including:
  • Continued use of computers, games systems, and other technological devices.
  • Reading the “Cool Inventions” section in National Geographic Kids.
  • Creating animated art using the Scratch language.
  • Creating a personal blog.
  • Exploring plans for a solar oven.
  • Investigating and asking questions regarding many of the tools used during his father's 10 day stay at the Albany Medical Center Trauma Unit after a motorcycle-deer collision.
  • Setting up the new Wii for gaming and viewing Netflix.
  • Discussed technology during several periods in history, and how its existence or lack thereof affected life in that time.


Flora and Fauna-
  • Jeremiah observed the wooly bear caterpillars Annalise was keeping, and assisted in building “habitats” for them.
  • He observed a variety of wildlife, including birds, deer, insects, and wild turkeys, in their natural habitats.
  • His increasing interest in dog training led him to spend more time interacting with and building his relationship with our dog, Corki,.
  • He also watched episodes of Wild Kratts.
  • Jeremiag deepened his understanding of several animal species through Zoo Tycoon play.
  • We attended Winter Raptor Fest 2012, where Jeremiah observed live raptors (including a flight show); and interacted with a miniature and several full-size horses.
  • We visited the New York State Museum, where Jeremiah enjoyed the Discovery Place with its many animal specimens. He explored skulls, crustaceans, pelts; taxidermic specimens, and models.
  • We also toured and explored the mastodon, Birds of New York, and Adirondack Wildlife exhibits.
  • He explored, some of the many animal books and periodicals in our home. These included : assorted field guides on flora and fauna; National Geographic Kids; and Zoobooks..
  • Jeremiah observed the changes spring brought to the flora in our yard and elsewhere. Of particular interest this year: maple seeds; lilac leaves and blossoms; tulips and paperwhites, and the new growth on our evergreens, as well as observing our permaculture plantings: blackberry; garlic; chives, oregano, asparagus; sunflowers,and strawberries.
  • Jeremiah planted a stalk from last year's brussels sprouts in his garden and was excited to see it put forth abundant new growth.
  • We discussed photosynthesis, oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange, and the root structure of plants.
PhysicsJeremiah continued to be passionate about physics and to explore it in several ways:
  • Paper airplane folding (by specifications in plans) , test flown, evaluated, and adapted.
  • Physics-based computer games, including Crush the Castle , Crush the Castle II, Shrink It , and several other physics-based games he found via internet searches.
  • We spent some time discussing lines and angles; trajectory and force.
  • We discussed the laws of thermodynamics, Schrodinger's Cat, Occam's Razor, and Einstein's Theory of Relativity in a general, introductory sense.
  • We discussed the big bang and string theory – these conversations were spurred by The Big Bang Theory television show, a current family favorite.

Weather, Geology, and Natural Forces -

  • During our visit to the New York State Musuem, Jeremiah enjoyed exploring the Minerals of New York exhibit.
  • We discussed our current weather, and how rain or lack thereof affect the water table and the plants, and also how mild winters mean more surviving wildlife.
  • More exploration with magnetism and polarity, and discussions of gravity, here on earth and beyond.

ChemistryJeremiah's interest in chemistry continued to evolve through this quarter.
  • Cooking and Baking: Observed effects of mixing diverse ingredients and amounts, changing temperature, stirring, and changing ratios of ingredients upon the end results of from-recipe, adapted, and independently created dishes.
  • Continued exploring how the components of raw ingredients contribute scientifically to the nature of the end result through chemical processes.
  • More discussion of the Periodic Table of the Elements, protons, neutrons, electrons, valance levels, how molecules are formed, and subatomic particles.
  • Created Flarp by recipe during a homeschool cooperative session. Explored the molecular structure of putty, as well as how adapting the amounts of ingredients and amount of manipulation affected the consistency and cohesiveness of the end result; also, how differing concentrations of food coloring rendered different gradations of color in the flarp.
  • Discussed photosynthesis, and the process of gas exchange.
  • Discussed the three states of matter.
  • Discussed boiling and freezing points in Fahrenheit and Celcius measures.
  • Introduced the Kelvin system of temperature measurement, and the concept of “absolute zero”.
Anatomy -
  • Jeremiah learned a great deal about anatomy and bodily trauma during his father's ten-day hospitalization for collision trauma. Jim broke several ribs and a hand, as well as lacerating his spleen and suffering a collapsed lung. We spent time discussing the implications of these injuries, and the treatments for them, during his hospitalization and ongoing recovery.
  • Increased understanding of how bodily systems function together.
  • Explored Google Android app 3D Brain, viewing the areas of the brain.
  • Jeremiah studied various animal specimens, including a Right Whale skeleton and taxidermic specimens at the New York State Museum.
  • Jeremiah enjoyed experimenting with virtual heart surgery and virtual arm surgery.

Astronomy -
  • We viewed Venus and Mars in the night sky, and identified several constellations.'
  • We noted that Orion, a family favorite, is no longer visible in our skies.
  • We discussed the full Owl Moon, and how the moon's closeness creates stronger tidal force.

Resources may include but are not limited to: Real-life experiences, such as cooking, building, designing, and observation; print and online text; computer games, sites, and applications; television programming; reference materials; family conversation; excursions, exhibits, and events;parent facilitators.

Social Sciences-
US History -
  • More discussion about current events - mostly the upcoming presidential election and local news stories that caught his interest.
  • We discussed the Revolutionary War, westward expansion, the usurping of the rights of native peoples.
We discussed the beginnings of the compulsory schooling laws, and their connection to the Industrial Revolution.
  • Jeremiah and I spent some time discussing the Korean and Vietnam wars, World War II, and the Watergate scandal.
  • We explored New York State history during a visit to Metropolis Hall at the New York State Museum. We visited Skyscraper City, The Port, Metropolis on the Move, and portions of City of Neighborhoods.
  • We explored the 1800's classroom, and discussed.
  • We visited the Adirondack Wilderness exhibit, and discussed logging.

Patriotism and Citizenship -
  • Ongoing discussion of increasing rights and responsibilities of being a member of our family and our community, extending from a local area to a global view, and across species.
  • Jeremiah became capable of far greater independence throughout this quarter.
  • Jeremiah began to notice things that needed attention throughout the house and yard, to be more amenable to assisting when asked, and to voluntarily pitch in to make life at home a smoother and more pleasant experience.
  • As the election season progresses, Jeremiah is attending more to the potential candidates, and beginning to be interested in their platforms. We continue to discuss various issues, and the importance of the right to vote.
  • We have discussed the Bill of Rights and some of the rights and protections granted by our government but not in every nation.
  • We have discussed how tax monies are used for things such as public schooling, transportation , infrastructure, programs and services, and to pay the government's employees.
  • We discussed the flag, flag etiquette, and and symbology.

  • Jeremiah assisted with navigation during a trip to New Jersey to visit friends. More reading of road signs, maps, and calculating distances and duration of trip.
  • We explored the regions of our country, and what they are known for.
  • We explored continents, with a particular focus on North and South America and Asia.
  • We discussed where Alaska and Hawaii are in relation to the contiguous states.
  • We discussed Canada and Mexico.

Resources may include but are not limited to: Board games, puzzles, atlases, and globes; travel; television, radio, and online programming; reference materials; family discussion; parent facilitators.
Visual Arts Jeremiah engaged in several artistic endeavors throughout this quarter, including:
  • Jeremiah continued to develop his culinary talents,and added baking (from a box mix) and frosting cakes to his repertoire.
  • Jeremiah enjoyed hand sewing, and repaired his torn pants.
  • Jeremiah created several pen and ink drawings.
  • Jeremiah created several games throughout this quarter.
  • Jeremiah continued to enjoy creating animations using the computer and his 3DS system.
  • Jeremiah used a Facebook application to distort his portrait in various ways.

may include but are not limited to: assorted materials and tools for creating; reference materials; computer and television programming; family discussion; parent facilitators.

Music -
  • Jeremiah enjoyed several varieties of music this quarter, including popular, country, 60s music (including Motown), and Paul Simon (Mom's favorite).
  • Continued practicing his singing of theme songs from Japanese anime shows.
  • Experimented with improvisational piano.

Resources may include but are not limited to: Assorted musical instruments; television, radio,and computer programming; family conversation and singing; parent facilitators.

Foreign Language Arts (FLA)

  • Further discussion of word origins, particularly Latin (through genus/species names; element and compound names, anatomical designations, and in legal applications) and French.
  • Discussion of the Romance languages.
  • Jeremiah continued to chart his own independent course toward learning Japanese. He continued watching shonen manga series with dialogue in English or Japanese, with English subtitles, and written Japanese characters.
  • He has referred intermittently to Google Translate and his Japanese print dictionary.

Resources may include but are not limited to: Computer with Internet access; television and computer programming; reference materials; independent research; family discussion; parent facilitators.

Health and Safety -
  • We continued to discuss bicycle, traffic, a stranger, and fire safety.
  • Jeremiah continued selecting grocery items based on food groups...(dairy, vegetables, fruits, proteins), and learning how these aid his body (protein for muscle growth, dairy for bone strength, vegetables and fruits for essential vitamins and minerals).
  • Jeremiah began initiating frank conversations about his perceptions of specific drugs he's heard referenced. We discussed these at some length, as well as legal substances
Resources may include but are not limited to: Real-life experience; reference materials; family discussion; parent facilitators.

Physical Education - Activities this quarter included:
  • Trampolining
  • Obstacle courses
  • Climbing
  • Biking
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Dancing
  • Gardening and Building
  • Ball and Frisbee games
  • Swimming
  • Floating
  • Sliding
  • Swinging
Resources may include but are not limited to: Real-life experience; a variety of equipment; YMCA; family discussion: parent facilitators.

Attendance -

February 2012- 135 hours
2012130 hours
2012119 hoursThird Quarter Hours 384 hours
Year- to- Date Attendance- 1285 hours
Please note that yearly attendance requirements have been exceeded for the 2011-2012school year.

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