Wednesday, December 30, 2009

#best 09 "Stationery"

I love paper. I mean love paper, big and deep and passionately. Parchment makes me swoon. Creamy, silken linen, or heavily textured cotton invite the intimate touch of fingertips and pen. A fine embossed border brings delight.

For years, I have been draw to recycled journals, but they've always seemed exorbitantly expensive. And then, one day late this spring, I found one I simply could not resist....

There is my lovely recycled journal with the embroidered flower on the cover. It is in my favorite shades of blue, and the textured surface tugs softly at my skin as I pass my fingers over it.

The recycled pages are thick and substansial, begging only for my best I write in it only rarely, because I want it to hold the best of what I've come to know...

I feel happier for having it. I'm glad I indulged myself.

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