Wednesday, December 30, 2009

3best 09 " Best Laugh"

I've had so many laughs this year - surprised laughter, delighted laughter, belly laughs, the hysterical kind that hurts ribs and tears up eyes...

I can't think of which of them would qualify as a bad laugh.

My favorite, though, is when the whole family indulges in a tickle fest. We all end up in a pile, squealing and shrieking with glee and the sweet torment.

When I was a kid, tickle fights were just that - fights. Neither adults nor other children would stop when requested. The intense sensations would quickly become unbearable, and an urgent struggle to escape would often end in someone getting hurt. At the least, feelings would be bruised, and trust shaken.

But here, from the time the kids could approximate the word "stop", they have known they can use it to stop any tickle, any time. They've never experienced the panic of "too much", when it came to tickling. So their laughter is free, uninhibited, and without any fear that things will go too far...

And we find ourselves feeling freer, less inhibited by our adult concerns, and a bit more fearless, too.

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