Thursday, December 31, 2009

#best 09 "best web social moment..."

I seem to have skipped this one.

This year, I have discovered a wide range of social networking options available from my own home.

I have used Facebook all year, but, in the spring, I began joining in on Sandra Dodd's twice-weekly unschooling chats.

After a lifetime of seeking, I had finally found a group of people where my "dangerous thoughts" and"radical nature" fit right in. Where I don't have to explain why we don't send the kids to school, force lessons upon them, dictate what they eat and wear and choose to do.

Mindfulness, peace, and secondhand thrift store purchases aren't out of the ordinary, there....and it turns out that quite a lot of them have blogs or are on Facebook. That means I can read about their lives, see their children's activities and projects, see other children whose faces have the same glow of joy that so often lights Jeremiah and Annalise from within.

I'm glad to have found those of you whose words resonate in my soul, and make me better than Iwas - I think you know who you are...and I hope to be able to pay it forward. =)

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