Tuesday, December 15, 2009

#best 09 "Album of the year"

I haven't kept up with this challenge for a few days, as life had other plans for me. But, the flurry of gift-purchasing online is over, and I'm back, hoping to catch up and maybe even keep up before the month is over. So here is my offering for Dec. 10...as well as an attempt to rebuild my momentum.

I'm not, in general, likely to buy a new album, unless Paul Simon has one (I know beyond doubt I will love his. His track record of music that delights and inspires me goes back years further than I have lived.)

But, this year, when Jim asked me to write down a few things I might like him to get me this Christmas, if he's so inclined (and I don't feel a need for him to, this year, which is wonderful), there was an album on it.


This is the CD/DVD of Sting's live performance at Durham Cathedral, in England, which I loved when I saw it on PBS a couple of weeks ago. It was entrancing; one of the few times I've longed for surround sound and a big screen. Lights through Gothic arches, and the soaring ad wending of traditional carols. There was an awesome comeraderie between the performers. Clearly, they were libing their passions.

And Sting (consummately attractive, to my taste) had a smile, a sweater, a scarf, and a lute.

If Sting doesn't come to my house to carol for me by proxy, there will still be no lack of beautiful music here. There is the music the kids play, make, and thebest melody of all....their squeals of joy and peals of laughter that are so much a part of our lives...

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