Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Cautionary Thought......

I was reading old note drafts on Facebook, and came across some scathing criticisms made against me, publicly, by someone no longer among my Facebook (or real life) friends. The intent was to make me look foolish, but time has proven that I knew what I was talking about.

Cautionary point.....it might be best not to ridicule or lambaste someone publicly for being wrong unless you can see fairly far into the future and be sure that they truly are wrong. Words might last a very long time, when shared on the Internet. Fortunately for the person in question, I deleted the public postings quickly (their tenor and tone were not the variety I choose to have on my wall), and the only remaining proof will stay in my drafts folder, because I would not want to humiliate them.

But I sometimes see things posted here that I am certain will lead to regrets, and so I think it might be best if everyone thought carefully before posting on a social forum, to be certain that what is posted is something you would not be embarassed or ashamed to have attributed to you, later.

The draft in question sat in my drafts folder for quite some time, completely forgotten. What if someone has those words you wish you hadn't written saved somewhere, and decides for some reason to repost and remind you.....or is inclined to fire your words back as a weapon against you.

So much better to consider carefully, before typing, and DEFINITELY reread and be absolutely certain you are willing to stand by those words, for all time.

In the case of the unkind and untrue comments made to me, which I saved to remind myself to be particularly cautious with specific personality types in future, using the energy used to revile me to instead consider the situation in question with some degree of objectivity might have made several lives more fulfilling and calm, many months ago.

Energy given to ridiculing or attacking others is always energy taken from other things, and makes peaceful life impossible for the attacker, for as long as the attack goes on.

Peace feels good, and rage does not.

May your choices lean toward peace, and away from rage.

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