Sunday, March 13, 2011

Annalise's Today So Far...March 13, 2011

It was one of those days that seems to get off to a flying start, learning-wise, and just doesn't slow down. This log of activities, presented in approximately chronological order, isn't a complete list, just what I could keep in my head long enough to write down.

Someday, if someone says we are neglecting our children's learning, this will be here, to say, quite clearly, otherwise. For the record, today is Sunday, so not a "school" day, for those who think in those terms, and Annalise initiated the vast majority of the activities listed here. At this writing, Annalise is 6.75 years old.

This day begins at  about 1:30 pm, when Mom was up, and Dad getting ready to go to work.

  • Annalise came to snuggle while Mom had morning coffee in bed. She brought her Usborne Snakes book, and I read the page on Rattlers, because she wanted to know about rattles last night, and the page about Venomous Snakes. We looked at the contents, and learned about rattlesnake habitat, hunting, aggressive posture, and even a South American species with an old scale on the tail, but no rattle. We explored pictures of snakes being milked for venom, antivenom, and learned that snakes do not always inject venom, because they must build up a new supply before they can inject again. We discussed preventing bites, first aid for bites, and the mamba of Africa. There is a QuickLink that promises we can hear the sound of a rattler; we discussed listening to it later.

  • Just before Jim left for work, we discussed that a reviewer and photographer would be at his restaurant tonight, and so he was taking his "dress" chef coat to work, in case he was photographed.

  • Annalise explored with the Silly Putty she made at CMOST . She made assorted shapes, then tried to transfer print from a newspaper flyer (too glossy to release the ink). Dropped a piece on the floor, and discarded because crumbs had stuck to it.

  • Annalise engaged in lots of play with her two giant stuffed snakes, acquired last year and this from CMOST. Both are named Hissy (one sometimes is called Rattler). Spent time comparing and contrasting the workmanship and details of each. Then on to biting, being milked for venom, administering antivenom to herself and to me, snakes mating, "biting targets", the snakes as brother and sister, snaky playtime, and heat regulation.

  • Hissy and Hissy apparently procreated, and their baby (a small rubber snake acquired at CMOST yesterday) carries genetic traits from both parents. She showed me which traits (flat head, red eyes, pattern, and tail type) were reflections of which parent.
  • We discussed the genetic risks of sibling vs.half sibling procreation.
  • Play with variably jointed wooden clown toy. Explored range of possible positions; talked about which were humanly possible.
  • Play with Gruffles, the porcelain bulldog puppy. He has a rose in his mouth; we discussed thorns. Also differences and similarities between bulldogs and pitbulls, and dog vs. human senses.

  • We talked about dormancy in reptiles. We frequently see snakes in the nicer weather, and Lise thought they died in winter. I told the story of my long-ago baby iguana, who became dormant during a power outage, and recovered fully in about an hour once exposed to a heat source. We discussed the types of places snakes might hide - in holes or under rocks, or in corners of sheds.....
  • Corki the dog spent the night closed in Jeremiah's room without access to food, water, or his dog door. We heard him waking, discussed his need for these things, and "rescued" him.
Time stamp ~3pm.
  • Jeremiah awoke. He'd been up past dawn, chatting and battling in Pokemon HeartGold.   He had stories to tell, and was eager to get back to battle with some newly acquired Pokemon. Annalise, however, wanted to play with Jeremiah, and his DSi. She tends to whine when he doesn't want to connect with her as soon as he's awake. We discussed together how that sounds, and some ideas for both of them to negotiate more effectively, which is an ongoing learning process here, for all of us!

  • Some discussion of lost gear from the bug-catching kits purchased yesterday. Decided my idea of storing remaining pieces with the field guides in the science cabinet was a good one, and I implemented.
  • Annalise took her two giant snakes outside to hunt for signs of spring. She noted that most of the snow has melted; there is green grass; and the runoff "stream"on the pitched hill behind the garage has drained off.

  • Lise returned with her snakes and their "relative", a stuffed crocodile named Crocadalia. More talk about reptile features.
Time stamp ~4pm.

  • Took a break to eat a bowl of Raisin Nut Bran with Jeremiah, in his room. More talk about bedroom boundaries.
  • Annalise and I fed some money to our animated Japanese-kitty-in-an-orange-crate bank, a sweet gift from Sandra Dodd loved by all.
  • Annalise ate the last of the strawberries.

  • Physical and dramatic Pokemon play with Jeremiah. Annalise portrayed several Pokemon; he was the trainer. Climbing, running, and falling; Pokemon impressions.
  • Spent a few minutes in her room alone, resting on her bed while watching Teen Titans. She then played with Spike Jr. the animated dinosaur, and "You Have to Guess Masto" the animated mastodon. These two played, then mated, producing a baby mastosaur. =)
  • Annalise discovered her stuffed gorilla, Koko, in the washing machine. A hole in her toe had allowed some stuffing to leak,and Annalise decided she needed to be hospitalized. She put Koko into her doll high chair, and "fed" her an orange. "Of course, I really eat it for her!"
Time stamp ~5pm.

  • Tried to answer South Park riddles and trivia questions posed by Jeremiah.
  • More caring for still-hospitalized but recovering Koko.
  • Annalise brought out a specimen holder with a divider from the new kits, and created an imaginary game with 3,000 flies on one side, and 3 hungry toads on the other.
  • Annalise was thrilled to have Jeremiah demonstrate and explain some of the features of his game to her.
Time stamp ~6pm.

  • Annalise invited Jeremiah outside to play with her. While he got ready, she gathered up more bug-collecting gear and two different insect field guides. She explored with a magnifying glass while she waited.
  • Outdoor play with Jeremiah. Bug hunting (too chilly). Came in for her "draco lizard" shoes (Sketchers clogs) and attempted to walk on water with those and in her snow boots. Physical dramatic play of "Power Titans", a game they invented, based upon Teen Titans.
  • I joined the kids outside. Looked at our garden, which will be theirs if they choose, this year. Remembered the rabbits of our past.
  • Once back inside, Annalise felt like a bath, She spent about half an hour in the tub, playing, making up stories for her tub toys (mermaids and orcas featured prominently), and learning how to submerge her face in the water.

Time stamp~ 7pm.
  • After her bath, Annalise wanted a PBJ. She has been really hungry the last several days, and I feel a growth and/or cognitive spurt coming on. Jeremiah offered to make it for her,and she was his happy assistant.

Time stamp~8pm.
  • Sat in the "Privacy Booth"(Jeremiah's room with the door closed) to watch Pokemon 3, a Netflix movie we'd like to return tomorrow.

Time stamp~9pm.
  • I brought Annalise an apple and water, which she asked for, and half of the last piece of the Inspiration Cake I made last week, which she did not.
  • I spent a few minutes following the Quicklinks on the Usborne website to find rattlesnake sounds.....

  • Columbus Zoo
  • Annalise learned to replay the rattlesnake's rattle on the National Geographic site, and listened to it several times before playing a rattlesnake game with her stuffed Rattler.
  • We explored the frightening genus/species name (crotalus horridus) of the timber rattlesnake on the Columbus Zoo site, as well as several photographs and exploring its range on a map.
  • Annalise made pretend tea using the real teapot on an unlit stove. She served the tea (cold water in a mug) to Jeremiah and I, cautioning us that it was hot.

Time stamp~10pm.
  • Annalise invited me to play Tic-Tac-Toe - on her belly. I declined, and she said, "Awww! But I've already made the board. And she had, in red ink. I was "X", and won. 
  • Jim came home, and a time of tickles, snuggles, playing with Koko, and watching OTB horse races.

Time stamp~11pm.
  • Annalise had another PBJ, this one made by Dad.
  • Played alone in her room for a while, watching Teen Titans.

Time stamp~12am.
  • Annalise brought me a series of drawings she made in a top-bound spiral memo book, of horses that had been "disrespected" in various ways. Each had a story to go with it, and were drawn consistently as far as size and style.
  • I suggested that she could perhaps make an animated flip story. She went off and returned with two pictures of a stick man walking......she definitely has the idea!

Time stamp~1am.
  • Annalise chose another page of Snakes for me to read while she snuggled in our bed. She chose Camouflage and Markings from the contents, and found the page for me.

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