Monday, September 13, 2010

Our August 2010 Activities, Uncategorized

This is just a rough list of what we were up to, last month - based solely on the pictures we've taken....

Swimming, several times and locations * Visit from cousin Cameron, age 10 * Discussion of nutritious food choices * Dinosaur Train on PBS Kids * Visit to Credit Union * Explored fundraising bar chart * Bubbles' Diner - social interaction, ice cream, rides, games * Scratch from (computer art and animation) *

Sterling Renaissance Festival -
Travel to Sterling, NY via I-90 * Explored stockade * Tower * Arbor * Water Wheel * Coins * Observed strongman game * Armored warhorses * Riding armored warhorse (Lise) * Airplane anachronism * Live Irish folk music * Stained glass art * Carosello ride * Ladder of Truth game * More draft horses * Dragonfly Observation * Crow's Nest ride * Archery and Axe-throwing observation * Fountain * Hammock weaving display * Burled wood art * Cobra-head wands * Giant hill slide * Watched tomato throwing * Physics of rides * Sweet nuts * Weapons * Forge * Leather flowers (Lise) * Interacting with baby (Lise) * Observed and spoke with glass flameworker * Flamework glass art * Cairns * Camel observation * Camel ride (Lise) * Renaissance fence maze with mythological art * Carousel ride *

Tinfoil armor for 30" toy horse (Lise) * free-range rabbit care and observation * Cheering America (Lise) * Money sorting and counting (Lise) *

Birthday party at McDonald's - Indoor play area * social interaction with diverse group of friends, ages 20 months - 10 years * finances (party cost discussion and comparison to previous parties) * Time/energy management discussion (time and energy spent on this party and previous ones) *

Flower and coin art (Lise) * Tea party (Lise) * Watched gymnastics (Lise) * horse model free play (Lise) * Free play with carrots and stuffed animals * Learned Vulcan salute (Miah) * Military salutes * Star Trek: The Original Series (portions of "Devil in the Dark" and "A Piece of the Action", focused on a parallel culture to 1920s Chicago) * Impromptu play with visiting neighbor children Dylan, 7, and Tyler, 4 * Seesaw fulcrum experimentation * Dog training * Caterpillar observation * Posing for pictures * Fire safety (Lise) * Letter play * Photography *Videography (Lise) * Plastic bag mockumentary * Food prep * House cleaning * Internet navigation (Miah) * I Spy Spooky Mansion Deluxe * Fort building (Lise) * Bed acrobatics (Lise) * flea life cycles and extermination * Household reorganization * Packing *

Northeast Unschooling Conference (Sheraton Hotel, Wakefield, MA) - Travel, including toll roads * Calculating and tracking mileage * Reading road signs * Free physical play (hide and seek, tag, running, stunt falls) at rest area * Mapreading * Nature exploration (flora and birds; storm approaching) * Hair dyeing (Lise) * Hotel stay * Independent use of key cards * Stuffed friend spa play (Lise) * Visual and performing art appreciation and discussion with artists (lobby pottery; duct tape art, yarn weavings; dowel art; fashion exploration; painting; jewelry; textile art; architectural building; rag rug wall hanging; pottery; traditional Taiwanese character nature art; musical and assorted talent show performances) * Artistic creation (playdough art - cakes by Lise, chess pieces by Miah; mirror art by Lise; "Century" artwork by Lise; Lise hair salon with friends Alana, 6, and Gabrielle, 5; yarn weaving; free dramatic play with friend Lily, 7) * Assorted physical play (bouncing; hide and seek; tag; vampires; bubble play; swimming; dancing; running; climbing; nature walk; bouldering; Miah mock fighting with friend Alana,6; mock ninja fighting with props) * Room service * Independent hotel navigation * Sat in on portions of adult panel discussions (Miah- Doubts with ------------; Lise - Unschooling Mythbusters with Ren Allen and Jeff Sabo and Creativity with Ren Allen) * Assisting with packing and checkout tasks * Independent elevator operation * Fire, pool, and stranger safety * Entered raffle and collected winnings * Jeremiah explored Japanese anime (Bleach and others) and vintage Tom and Jerry * Attended and made their own selections at media swap; Lise selected princess Kid Kit and Snakes book from Usbourne Book kiosk * Rest stop purchases (Lise giraffe walking stick; Miah Gravity Hill physics arcade game turns); Discussing tolls and fees and what the money is used for *

Imitate saber-tooth tiger and mastodon using cotton swabs (Lise) * Independent writing, "good dog" (Lise) * Exploring many back issues of National Geographic Kids acquired in media swap *

Cluefinders Third Grade and Fourth Grade Adventure computer games from media swap (Miah - calculating perimeter * two-digit addition) *

Stryofoam soup (Lise) * Cutting carrots (Lise) * Walking dog (Lise) * Feral rabbit observation *
Invented dry oats and marshmallows dessert (Lise) * Foam soap letters (Lise) * Blowing gum bubbles (Miah) * Learning DSi technology * permutations for 4 digits while trying to find PIN for DSi (Miah) *

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