Wednesday, December 02, 2009

#best 09 Restaurant

My favorite restaurant memory happened at Amigo's Cantina, in Schuylerville ,NY, where Jim is the executive chef (sounds fancy; but it is a very small restaurant, really.)

The Date was September 2. I know this because it was Jeremiah's 8th birthday. After we'd spent the day playing and funhaving, we went to Amigo's, where the kids are always welcome to go straight back to the kitchen to see Daddy.

There was a large group nearby, which included former classmates of mine, and we exchanged greetings. Then, as soon as the food was ready, Jim was able to join us (a rare treat; often he's too busy to join us).

I can say honestly that I don't remember what I ate, but I know it was delicious. I've never been disappointed with Jim's cooking (except that one incident with the Dave's Insanity sauce- infused mac and cheese; THAT was painful!). And the ambience of the place is wonderful; owner Rob Chrust loves Latin culture, and everything he's collected comes together to make a very authentic look that is amazing for a side-street restaurant in a tiny village in upstate NY...

What I do remember was the four of us together, celebrating with Jeremiah as he opened his last few presents, and the staff made much of the kids, who are like young superstars there...

And our favorite waittress, Meghan, took our picture - all four of us - at the table.....

When life is sweet, even chocolate cremulata can't compare!

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