Sunday, December 20, 2009

#best 09 "Best Tea"

I'm not a regular tea drinker...I tend to prefer the taste far less than the smell, which is delightful. Coffee, sweet and flavored, is the drink of choice for the adults in this house. Jim loathes even the thought of tea, so i usually reserve my few-times-a-year cuppa for visiting tea drinking friends. with him, it's coffee in bed or as we're about our chores, or sometimes on a Monday evening, so we can share the relaxation and bonding, and not worry too much about being awake.

That coffee's hard to beat, especially since it comes with the long, meandering animated, epiphany-rich discussions Jim and I have always thrived on...

But once this year, Jim brought home a carton of Oregon Chai tea I hadn't even thought to ask him for. I discovered this mix while living in Oregon; it was a lot cheaper there than it is here, so usually I don't indulge. Jim being the more frugal spouse, my delight was sweeter than the tea. I savored that carton of tea for the next two weeks, and loved both having it and sharing it with the children. I drank most of it in the late evening hours of Jim's work week, when I was missing him and needed a bit of pampering...

It was a carton of tea, but it meant so much more. The thoughtfulness of a man going out of his way to do a kind and sweet and unexpected thing. The love it represented, and the warmth, and the intimacy of having been together long enough to not need to wonder at favorites....and to know just the gesture to really make a partner feel embraced, eve when you're not physically present.

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