Monday, December 07, 2009

#best 09 "Best Blog"

Somewhere in the deeps of last winter, I first found Sandra Dodd's amazing unschooling blog. There's little point in tryig to describe it, beyond saying that it is a wonderland of a site. At the bottom of every page of insight about unschooling are links to other pages.

I've spent many nights, all night, reading and learning on this site. It is fluid, alive. New things are added, and new voices. There is wit, wisdom, humor, and play...all things important to an unschooling life.

And there is experience, and many, many side trails through the site, making it a smorgasbord of delights. Just as entertainment, or information, it would be an amazing site, easily my favorite of all I've indulged in this year....

But there is more. The site links to many others. Some are Sandra's, and some belong to others. Some are directly related to unschooling, while others deal with subjects seemingly far removed. All invite thought and experience.

This site led me to Sandra's list, Always Learning, and the twice-weekly online unschooling chats that put me in touch with other unschooling parents all around the world.

The resources Sandra Dodd offers up so freely have utterly changed the course of our family's life. We've learned to trust and respect each member of our family. it has helped us to find acceptance and joy and better ways of relating to each other.....

That's an amazing amount to get out of one blog!

For those wanting to check it out for themselves:

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