Thursday, June 24, 2010

Third Quarter Report for Jeremiah Burton

English Language Arts:

  • Reading aloud and silently, for pleasure and information (used instructions to successfully build an electrical circuit). Listened and discussed portions of The Little Prince as Mom read aloud. Reading for Internet navigation, from teleprompter, and within games. Exhibits excellent comprehension and ability to apply and extrapolate from what he has read.

  • Interest in online networking and in creating a blog.
  • Increased interest and ability in purposeful independent writing. Ability to translate verbal spelling skills to written words improving.
  • Beginning to understand puns and associated wordplay.
  • Enjoys building his vocabulary, immediately absorbing new words into his lexicon.
Resources: Fiction and nonfiction books and magazines; games; Internet access; PBS Kids programming; libraries; dictionary;thesaurus; writing supplies.


  • Reading charts and graphs - scores and standings, schedules, calendars, pie charts, bar and line graphs, etc.
  • Budgeting allowance, making short-term purchases and long-term plans within his own budget, saving, increased understanding of checking and savings accounts, discussed income and sales tax, comparison shopping by volume.
  • Deepened understanding of purchasing, bartering, saving, mortgages, supply and demand, and how to generate income.
  • Making change and adding coins to reach a desired amount.
  • Multiplication and division in his head - he is getting faster, more accurate, and attempting more complex calculations.
  • Crayon Physics computer game, two and three dimensional building. Explored lines, angles, and geometry.
  • Pokemon card battles and War -Addition and multiplication in combining points; subtraction and division in discerning winners. Skills have improved considerably through this frequent real-life application.
  • Measuring for real-life applications such as cooking, dyeing, volume, weight, length, time.
  • Celebrated Pi Day (3/14) by discussing pi and other infinite numbers, watching several YouTube videos, including a visual representation of pi's value and pi recited to the hundredth decimal place, and talked about pi's use in measuring circles.
  • Explored fractions, percentages, and decimals.

Resources: Discretionary income in the form of a weekly allowance; trips to stores, Internet purchasing sites, and banking institutions; books, games, and computer with Internet connection, manipulatives; PBS programming.


  • Explored savannah ecosystems, African wildlife, genus/species names, animal families, geography, life cycles.
  • Science of figure and speed skating, luge, skiing and snowboarding. Viewed skiiers and a chair lift in operation at a local ski lodge.
  • Independently conducted several experiments, applying scientific method and learning through the use of prior knowledge, extrapolation, and trail and error.
  • Explored and collected various fish and insect species during gameplay, collected shells and portions of fossils, learned to read currents and about estuaries, virtually explored tropical and temperate climates in a variety of seasons.
  • Explored properties of light, water, current, magnetism.
  • Visit to New York State Museum (Empire State Plaza, Albany) - NY wildlife and tracks; Phosphorescent NY minerals; observed care of floral arrangements in NY in Bloom benefit exhibits; red slider turtle observation; solar system; building skyscrapers; fishing and whaling in NY/Wright whale skeleton and video; evolution of bicycles; birds of NY and preserved Audubon bird books.
  • Crayon Physics computer game- Using lines, angles, vectors and force in building simple machines (bridges, levers, pulleys, pendulums, and catapults) to complete engineering tasks.
  • Acquired two rabbits, and is learning how to care for and interact with them. Explored behavioral difference between predatory pets (our cat and dog), and prey animals; explored more fully the nature of rodents. Assisted with provisioning, daily care, and rabbit socialization.
  • Visit to Lake George Lodge and Water Park (Lake George, NY) - Physics of rides and attractions; explored properties of water; experienced current; explored the mechanics of the bucket dump feature and conveyor belts for tube rides.
  • Visit to Brock's Dairy Farm (Schagticoke, NY) - Observed and discussed various aspects of dairy farming, including milking machines; milk tank; antibiotics and syringes; veal calves.
  • Observed and discussed wild swan and blue heron. Observed seasonal changes throughout early spring. Explored a raw coconut and garden asparagus. Bee, ant, and insect study. Several nature walks; building bridge from downed branches.
  • Visit to the Children's Museum of Science and Technology (CMOST, Troy, NY) - NY wildlife; electricity, including making an electrical circuit; Alka-Seltzer rockets; planetarium show on the solar system; solar system activity; reading meteorological report using greenscreen and teleprompter; scale model of Capital Region; Burden water wheel; reptiles; tide pools; light play. Purchased dynamo torch kit from gift shop.
  • Live and Learn Homeschool Co-op meetings - dyeing yarn with Kool-aid; observed raw wool dyeing; used, observed, and discussed manual wool carding machine; ice cream making; shark exhibit provided and shown by Echo, age 13 (shark jaws and teeth, preserved baby nurse shark, books, and charts).
  • Journey Through the Body (Colonie Center) - examined cow's heart; kidneys; real and model bones; model skeleton; defibrillator; brain models and puzzles; intestine and ear models; nutritional information; Anatomy Jeopardy!; and much more.
  • Discussed dental work and oral hygiene after my tooth extraction.
  • Observed operation of high velocity (83mph) wind chamber.
  • Observed popcorn popping in coin operated popcorn vending machine; discussed how popcorn pops (heated water vapor + pressure = explosion).

Resources: Museum visits; farms and exhibits; computer with Internet connection; pets and nature. Programming on PBS Kids, including Fetch!, Sid the Science Kid, and Curious George. Also assorted programs and portions of programs on National Geographic (especially Naked Science, Wild!, and Fight Science), PBS (Nova), the Weather Channel (for current weather and historical weather systems), and the NASA channel (shuttle launches and landings, Challenger and Columbia disasters, historic missions including the 1969 moon landing, life on spacecraft and space station).

Social Sciences:

  • Playdates and parties with friends and relatives ages 3- 11. Has begun gravitating toward slightly older (10 and 11 yo) friends. Much more able to consider the needs and interests of others.
  • Hosted a 2 night visit from cousin Cameron, age 9.75. Mentored him in Animal Crossing. Much cooperative play of invented games such as "Boom! Back to your base". Dealt with conflicts more maturely than in the past, with a new willingness to compromise that we've also noticed in his interactions with sister Annalise (5.75).
  • Visit to New York State Museum (Albany, NY) - NY in Bloom Annual Flower Show; trapping/logging; A-train; Sesame Street; NY Metropolis (fishing, whaling, New York City history; evolution of bicycles; architecture; skyscraper construction; 19th century street market; Chinese grocery).
  • Joined Live and Learn Homeschool Co-op - Connections to many other homeschooling children; weekly activities and free play; child-led group games, shows, and pretend.
  • Water; fire; traffic; escalator; motorcycle; Internet; and crowd safety.
  • Visit to Waterford/Halfmoon school playground - organized Pokemon card battles with other children he met on playground.
  • Exhibited much more patience in play with Annalise, and engaged in a wide range of activities with her, including: mentoring her in DS play, DS Pictochat; mentoring with Gamecube games, board games with tolerance for her tendency to disregard his need to follow rules; building battlefields and inventing battlefield games; fort building; obstacle courses; card games; computer games; performances and shows, both scripted and spontaneous; and much free play.
  • Visited grandparents - Explored map and listened to stories of grandfather's Mediterranean cruise aboard a navy destroyer escort.
  • Visits to several business establishments - stores; farms; restaurants; museums; banking institutions. Respected the rules of these establishments; treated staff and other patrons with respect, courtesy; kindness, and genuine interest.
  • New desire to be helpful and thoughtful at home - preparing food and making coffee and tea; assisting with housework; considering the needs of others; helping to make grocery lists and find items while at the store; noticing when someone needs affection and offering it; and many other acts of kindness and generosity.
  • More able to independently ask for help to meet his needs - Asked a gentleman for directions to a water fountain, received a map, and used it to navigate us successfully to the fountain.
  • Visit from CPS worker - dealing with conflict; being interviewed by script and not allowed to speak as and when he wished (in his own home, where he is allowed free self-expression); homeschool laws; the duties of government representatives. He comported himself well, although he was angry, threatened, and frustrated with the worker's no-nonsense and minimizing way of treating him. Sadly, he also learned that there are some things his parents cannot protect him from, such as unfounded intrusions based on animosity from others.
  • Learned about guilds and how one progresses in them.
  • Explored vintage Adirondack postcards.
  • Discussed flags, anthems, culture, and geography of several nations participating in the 2010 Winter Olympics. Also discussed Greek Olympics, and watched some past Olympic moments. Watched opening and closing ceremonies.

Resources: Museum and farm visits; playdates and visits from friends; co-op; computer with Internet access, books and magazines; Olympic coverage; maps and globes, games; real-life social interaction with a wide range of ages and in a wide array of settings.

Visual/Performing Arts and Music

  • Visual art exploration through a variety of media, including: Photography;videography; Wiki Stix sculptures; redecorating; food; virtual art programs; carpentry; pipe cleaners; beads; pattern blocks; Legos; ink and paper; painting; inventing.
  • Experienced visual art through a variety of methods, including: Attending museum exhibits of pottery; paintings; architecture; floral arrangements; and sculpture; exploring art books on da Vinci; Audubon books; environmental art in a variety of settings.
  • Performance art and music exploration through a variety of forms, including: dancing solo and partnered with Annalise; singing (he enjoyed country and pop, especially Elton John, this quarter) with greater attention to lyric and melody; piano improvisation solo and as part of a group; participating in role-playing games (Vampires and Werewolves); dramatic play; scripted and spontaneous performances on his own and in various groups.
  • Experienced performance art and music in various forms, including: Olympic opening and closing ceremonies; assorted music video clips on YouTube; as an audience member at impromptu and scripted performances of other members of our co-op group; radio and free access to extensive computer playlists.
Resources: Books and magazines; Live and Learn Co-op; television and radio programming; computer with Internet access; visits to local museums and exhibits; piano with sheet music; CDs and DVDs; computer playlists; free access to a wide variety of materials and props for individual and group artistic expression.

Physical Education:

  • Engaged in a variety of physical pursuits, including: camera and LED light tag; bouncing; climbing; swimming; running; indoor and outdoor free play, playspaces, and obstacle courses; nature hikes; ice cream making (tossing, rolling, kicking, and chasing an ice cream ball along with other children); digging; walking; dancing solo and with a partner; spinning; swinging; climbing; fort building; balancing; impromptu team games.
  • Observed and discussed a variety of winter sports through watching the 2010 Winter Olympics, including: luge; figure and speed skating; skiing; and snowboarding.
  • Beginning to think more about personal hygiene and food choices - a little more concern for cleanliness of himself and his environment, and deeper awareness of how what he chooses to eat affects his body in the short and long term.
  • Discussed dental work and oral hygiene after my tooth extraction.
  • Journey Through the Body (Colonie Center) - examined cows heart, kidneys, real and model bones, model skeleton, defibrillator, brain models and puzzles, intestine and ear models, nutritional information, Anatomy Jeopardy!, and much more.
  • Water; fire; traffic; escalator; motorcycle; Internet; and crowd safety.
Resources: Indoor and outdoor play areas; assorted sports equipment; YMCA membership; exhibits; nature trails.

Foreign Language Study:

  • Exposure to Spanish, French, and Japanese through programming on PBS Kids, Madeline, and Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh episodes, as well as in magazines and books.
  • Exposure to Greek alphabet during our Pi day celebration.

Resources: Educational programming; computer with Internet access; books and magazines; gameplay.


  • Jeremiah attended 28 days in February, 2010; 31 days in March 2010; and 30 days in April 2010 for a total of 89 days this quarter.
  • For the 2009-2010 academic year, Jeremiah has attended a total of 305 days, which exceeds the 180 days required by law.

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